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Monday, February 21, 2011

You Light Up My Life - Lighting your home.

Image by:qole pejorian
Typically you think of lighting as an important functional part of a home. You use light to see to cook, to brush your teeth, to read a book. Lighting has evolved into so much more than that.

The words, "You Light Up My Life", has played an important role in many wedding ceremonies. It has meaning in home decorating as well.

Natural Lighting
Image by:mrs. logic
Light and ShadowLight can be used to tackle everyday tasks.
Lighting can also set a mood and  provide architecture and interest, by casting shadows and creating movement.
Light can define a style.                                            

                                                 Overhead Lighting
                                                                                           Image by:mishio
                                                   Wall (Accent) Lighting
Hotel Landing
                                                                                     Image by:mattjp
                                                   Candle (Mood) Lighting
candle and breadsticks
                                                    Image by:alexandramanda
                                                    Table (Task) Lighting
Just a Bit Shady...
                                                    Image by:tony the misfit

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