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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors perform differently in various environments. Find the perfect combination of strength and beauty for your home with engineered, solid or longstrip wood planks.See in stock specials at McCall's in Rolla, Mo. here.

Hardwood Floors Made Easy
In addition to new finishes and species, the engineered products in Mohawk's wood introduction also feature a new glueless installation system based on Unilin's UniClic® technology, recognized as the installer's favorite click system for laminate.And not only is Mohawk bringing UniClic® to wood, it's bringing an enhanced system, that provides exceptional connection strength on all four edges of the plank.This patented method allows for fast, easy angled or sliding installation on the sides of the plank. Even when this space is tight, UniClic® will ensure a secure locking action.
Clean Up Made Easy
Mohawk's exclusive Scotchgard™ Protector Advanced Repel Technology protects against catastrophic stains and marks including permanent markers, latex paint, nail polish, and grape full article on Hardwood here...
Purchase discount area rugs for your hardwood floors from McCall's Floormart.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why You Should Buy Ceramic

First of all ceramic just looks great with Area Rugs.

There are many reasons why you should buy ceramic tile from it’s affordability to its durability. You may be surprised at how many benefits could be available to you when you buy ceramic tile.


Many people are looking for eco-friendly flooring products. Ceramic tile is a product that is good for the environment. Ceramic is mostly made up of clay and glass substances. This makes ceramic tile a renewable resource, the earth does not have a shortage of mud or sand and the earth is constantly remaking these materials.

Also, ceramic does not give off any toxins so it does not make indoor air pollution worse and it does not absorb odors so if you buy ceramic tile, then paint the room, the paint fumes will not stick to the tile.

Ceramic tile is also a good insulator and will help the energy efficiency of your home. Ceramic tile has been used for hundreds of years and may have been the first flooring material ever to be used. You just can’t beat flooring that has proven itself over and over again for hundreds of years with little to no impact on the environment.

Safety and Health

When people are deciding what kind of flooring to buy for their home they are often concerned with how it will affect the safety and health of those in their home. As we have already stated, ceramic tile is good for the environment and does not give off toxins that produce indoor air pollution. Ceramic tile is not only good for the world read full article; Why You Should Buy Ceramic, here.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Decorating With Color

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Decorating your home can involve a large amount of decisions and if you are not careful those decisions can also cost you money. Decorating your home with color can give you a big change in the look of your room without putting a big change in your pocketbook. You do not even have to spend time searching for items on sale because changing the color of a room can be very inexpensive. Changing the color on your walls alone can make a big impact but what if you do not know which color would look best in your home? With just a few tips you can choose the best colors to make your home stand out.

Look around your home and environment

What colors surround you? Is your home already decorated in warm reds or bright blues? Do you tend to wear all black but with hints of green? When you go on vacation do you head to the mountains or is the beach your preference?

Your answers to these questions can help lead you to the colors that will work best for ycolor+wheelou. If your home is already filled with warm colors then it may be awkward if you paint your living room lime green. The colors of your home should flow as you walk from room to room. If you find yourself being pulled to a certain color not found elsewhere in your home then perhaps you could pick a darker or lighter version of that color that will flow better.

Generally, the colors you wear the most look the best with your skin tone and hair color. Decorating your home with colors you wear will not only make you look good in your home but will make you feel good about the colors that surround you. If you tend to wear a lot of black and you accessorize with green then think about using black furniture with green accents. Do you have a built-in bookshelf or entertainment center in your home? Paint the shelving black and the wall green. The hints of green coming through will add a huge impact without being overwhelming.

Looking at your favorite environments is also an excellent way to choose colors for your home. If you like the mountains then you may be drawn to warmer colors of dark browns and greens while someone who walks the beach may find that light blues and shades of white make them feel good.

Use what you find around you and you may be surprised to find you already know what colors work best for you and your home.

Think about which room you are decorating

Usually, you are not decorating your home all at once. Instead, you decorate one room at a time. The type of room can help you decide which colors to use
Kitchens are often the first room people congregate in during the mornings. Since most of us would like our morning to be more bright and cheery, or at least not dull and grouchy, then the color in your kitchen should reflect the emotion you would like to have. Yellows are often found in kitchen because yellow makes you feel more awake and reminds you of the sun. Reds and oranges can also be used in kitchens. Think of these colors as firing you up for your day.
Bedrooms are rooms that mostly have one function; we use them for sleeping. Bright yellows that you may welcome in your kitchen could keep you awake in your bedroom. Use soft and subdued colors in your bedroom; colors that make you feel like curling up in bed.
Bathrooms should be designed around what you use it for and the colors should reflect the usage of the room. If you only spend time in your bathroom in the mornings when you are rushing around getting ready for the day then you may want the colors in your bathroom to be more like a kitchen; bright colors on the walls can wake you for the day. More and more, though, people are using their bathrooms as their own private spas. These rooms are being used for bubble baths and relaxing facials. If this is what you use your bathroom for then it may need to use colors more like your bedroom; subdued colors will help you feel even more relaxed when you light candles to soak in your bath.

Cheap does not have to look cheap
These tips can help you when you are decorating your home as long as you keep in mind that you do not have to spend large amounts of money to have a large amount of impact. Painting an accent wall in your dining room or adding a bright area rug can be cheaper options that redecorating an entire room but can make others think you spent thousands remodeling.
Take a look around your home, your environment, even your closet, and you will find colors to use in decorating your home in no time!

Article Supplied By: M. Kaye Hash, Co-owner and photographer of the nature photography and Eco-friendly gifts website She is a contributing editor and co-webmaster at Melissa has a degree in Art History from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has been writing and taking pictures since she was young. Melissa is also an avid animal lover and she raises four dogs of her own.

Decorating and Planning Help

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bridal Registry- Area Rugs by McCalls

We have been working so hard on making Area Rugs by McCall's the best it can be that we haven't updated the blog in awhile!

There are many new places to visit on the site:

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New Bridal Registry
This is our new favorite section of the website! Who wouldn't want to get an area rug as a wedding present? The bride and groom can either add area rugs to their wishlist or allow others to buy gift certificates that they can use to pick out discount area rugs later. If you are a bride and groom or you know an engaged couple you have to register with us!

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

We're Open! Again!

After some technical difficulties, Area Rugs by McCall's is back open!

We have many rug styles to choose from such as contemporary, traditional, antique, art deco, and transitional.

We also have general information on flooring and articles to help with your decorating needs.

Come visit Area Rugs by McCall's!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ok, now were not open!

We are having technical difficulties and won't be up now until mid or end of January 2008. However, we will have an excellent avenue to purchase rugs at an affordable price as well as great information.

Check back with us soon. Thank you for your patience.