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Monday, January 17, 2011

Easter Eggs - Cracking The Code On Design

Image by:erix                                                        
Easter Morning
Easter Eggs
Inspiration comes in all facets of life. Today I want you to look at everyday objects as a way to get inspired about a design idea for a new look in your home.

Easter eggs come in multitude of colors. Mainly, pastels have come to symbolize the colors of spring and Easter. The main goal with Easter eggs is to dye them or add color. Whether their pastel or multi-colored. So were going to use Easter eggs to crack the code on color and design.

A Lesson In Color and Design
Look through these images and see if you can find colors of objects in them that speak Easter to you. They are just objects, it doesn't matter what is in the pictures, you're picking out the colors in them.

When you do this exercise you will then have a tool that you can use to decorate a room or a table or add to your wardrobe. Once you decide on a color idea just shop for that color. Don't get hung up on looking for a particular item, just look for that color(s). The world will open up to you in ideas and objects you would never have dreamed of using.

Let us know how your shopping trip worked out. I expect it will be EGG-straordinary!  Leave us a comment below.

pink converse
                                         Image by:houseofsins
My "Yellow" Store Room
                                                Image by:kudumomo

The Blue Room
                                                   Image by: yngrich                                           

xavier-buaillon une coccinelle violette purple beetle

                                                                     Image by:xavier
                                         Image by pam mccall 
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