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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Luxury Lifestyle Has Many Faces

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PEZ collection
Luxury has many faces. To some it can be collections and displays. Items that make us feel good are good to surround ourselves in. Luxury items can make you feel successful and established.

Luxury homes and cars or furnishings are statements. We're saying to others we like finer things in life, or we have earned the finer things in life. Sometimes if you feel luxurious you strive to be more successful.

~luxury could be as simple as a plush towel~

Some families or even territories believe luxury is more of a feeling. To belong and feel safe or to be loved, a luxury not everyone enjoys. You can have all the finer things in life yet not be fulfilled until you feel safe and loved. That is an inner luxury.

Freedom is a luxury. Luxury Lifestyle does have many faces. Give it some thought, what do you perceive as Luxury?

Young girl wears brown or chestnust colored ugg boots or so...Wonderful Grafton Street in Dublin, the capital of Ireland, home of Brown Thomas, The Westbury Hotel and some of the finest shops in the country! Enjoy the sights! Christmas 2008! See the light
                                           Image by:uggboy

Heena Tatoo 1
                                                                                 Image by:vijo

2010 Lexus HS 250h
                                                     Image by:jeff glucker

Happy kids
                                                                        Image by:jjude

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