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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Home Office Design

Image by:melvin schlubman
3 women walking together while on cell phones
Home office design in todays world can be anywhere your cell phone or computer is.

I remember somewhere in the 80's setting up my first home office in the bedroom.

Remember the desk in your bedroom? Under a staircase? You may still have it there.

Over time everything evolves in one way or another. Some homes have elaborate home office designs, others have carved a niche in their hall closets.

With the ever increasing interest in online blogging, work from home, or an extension at home from your business office, home office design has had to be more about function and mobility than design.

Where is your home office? How long have you had a home office?

Home Office Chico Caruso 01
                                                                     Image by: fernanda mancini

Amazing Office
                                                                    Image by:chrismeller

Home Office
                                                                     Image by:johan larsson

Out of Office
                                                                    Image by:everjean
Home office
                                                                     Image by:jeremy levine

The miller's office
                                                                    Image by:alan cleaver

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