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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Color Trends 2011

Pantone annouces their color of the year for 2011-- HoneysucklePANTONE 18-2120; Wins 2011 COLOR OF THE YEAR! Congratulations Honeysuckle.
Reddish Pink sets the tone for color trends 2011.

Pantone announced that Honeysuckle is  the new Turquoise. Pantone 15-5519-Turquoise, last year's reigning color of 2010, has passed the crown to this year's new leading lady, Honeysuckle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Honeysuckle GnatsNow I must admit, when I saw this color was in the pink family I was a little surprised because I have always thought of honesuckle as yellow. After a little research it turns out my expertise is limited to what I have come to know in my region. 

Turquoise represented 2010 well with a color that evoked ESCAPE and a way to get away from it all. But move over escape because this stunning Honeysuckle pink is confident and brave. A vivacious tone of reddish pink ready to get noticed and the confidence to pull it off.

Honeysuckle won 2011 color of the year because it is not biased. This beautiful shade of pink looks good on both men and women and works well, day into night.

Feminine but bold.
Color trends 2011 reflects the shift we have seen in the political arena as well with women running for president and taking charge of the higher offices.                                                            

You will probably see this color throughout design and fashion this year in various shades of the color as designers incorporate it into their goods.

Look for salmon, reddish pinks, and orangy pinks to pop up in clothing and home accessories. Have you noticed Dr. Phil's attire this season? Honeysuckle leans to the feminine side but with a dynamic attitude so it will make a statement but in a calm manner.                 

Click the comment link below and let us know what you intend to incorporate into your home and fashion this year with color trends' 2011, Pink Honeysuckle.                                                                                                                                                               


Pink Silk Flats -- 100_9777
                                         Image by:steven depolo

Pink Caddy 2
                                                                     Image by:makdune

                                         Image by:house of sims

Free Dell Flamingo Pink Birthday Laptop Creative Commons
                                         Image by:pink sherbet


                                                                      Image by:tula monstah

Pink ties are in
                                                                                     Image by:misocrazy

Opposites Pink

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Yellow Honeysuckle Image by:aparejador
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Anonymous said...

I intend to incorporate a new throw into my household, with Honeysuckle as the star!

Anonymous said...

I never would have thought that pink could become the next color of the year, but after the post I see that it has a lot of potential! One usually associates pink with a new born baby girl, but after reading this I feel like I need to go out and buy a few new things to add a pop of color!

McCall's Home - a division of McCall'sFloormart said...

Thank you for your comments. I can see a throw in in that deep pink color. Exactly the way to use this powerful color actually without overwhelming a room.

Can you imagine the baby girl rooms that will be in style just because of this years color?

Fashion FyoozD Culture said...

First Thank you for coming by my blog and leaving a wonderful comment:-) I love the new color trends,I use to be a huge fan of pink several years ago(when it was such a big rage in the early 2000's) it's exciting to see it pop up again. I will be using it alot for accessories like scarfs, shoes, and bags.

Mary Ickert said...

Great post and since I just did a redesign of my blog that includes the color pink (not to mention the singer Pink is one of my faves...)I love this post even more. :-) Very cool and informative. Thanks so much.

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