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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Knobs and Pulls


Knobs and pulls are the jewelry in your home. Just like when you get dressed for the day or even an event, you choose your jewelry or other accessories according to the occasion.

Apply the same principals for the accessories in your home. Details that bring out the style of your space include knobs and pulls.  The handles, knobs and pulls, are stylish affects on drawers and doors on furniture, architecture, or displays.  Look at the beautiful pieces below and see if you can imagine replacing some of your pieces with these great finds.

Antique Glass Drawer Pulls
                                            Image by:ohmeaghan

                                          Image by: pam mccall 

                                                    Image by:ezioman

                                            Image by:mojoglad

paint job-door knob
                                           Image by:darwin bell

                                          Image by: pam mccall

Green Door-door knob   
                                                  Image by:jamo

McCall's Floormart has home accessories; jewelry for your floor and furniture. See luxury home pillows and throws to accent your home.

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Anonymous said...

Love this! Ihave a box of old door knobs in the attic from my granny's house. I think I will get them out and see if i can use any of them.

Love the post

McCall's Home - a division of McCall'sFloormart said...

Thanks Anonymous,

My hairdresser took some old glass knobs and put three on a piece of barnwood and made the cutest wall hanger for her scarves to hang on.

Melissa said...

I love the knob that looks like a hand! That is so unique!

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