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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How To Decorate With Area Rugs

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new dining room table 2
Don't know how to decorate with area rugs? Wondering should you use them? Area rugs serve a purpose and when you know what the purpose is you will know if it's right for your situation. 

What function does an area rug play in a home or any space within a space?

How To Decorate With Area Rugs By Comfort
Area rugs provide warmth and a coziness to areas that may be otherwise cold as with hardwood floors or on ceramic. In front of a sink or stove they give cushion as you stand for long periods of time, keeping you more comfortable.

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How To Decorate With Area Rugs By Design 
A Gentleman's ParlorArea rugs can set the tone in the room. Contemporary, rustic, and traditional rugs are used as focal points in a room to draw your eye to a specific area and define the space. You are making a statement claiming the area around the rug is a dining area, or office space, or living room. In addition, you are stating which style you want to project, from modern to eclectic.

How To Decorate With Area Rugs By Direction
You probably never realized how much your hall and entry runners direct the flow of traffic to and from one place to another. A rug seen at the end of a long entry into another room will actually pull you into that visually.

How To Decorate With Area Rugs By Style  
                                                                             Image by:pink polka
eliot's roomArea rugs claim the space. They say this space is transitional, or childlike, or feminine, or serious. They make us feel a certain way. A blue rug may be calming where a red rug might make you feel awake and vibrant. They tell us about the people that inhabit the space. Graphic designs might make you think of the people as artsy and creative, whereas rugs with toy trains and teddy bears might tell you this is a small child's area. 

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