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Friday, February 27, 2009

Boat Carpet

You are ready to install boat carpet but before you do check out these tips first!

• Before you install boat carpet choose the color carefully. While light colors will be cooler it will also be harder to keep clean.
• When you install boat carpet into your boat, keep the carpet running in the same direction.
• Use outdoor and waterproof glue to install boat carpet.
• Install boat carpet in a well-ventilated area but not in direct sunlight or on days when the temperature is over 90 degrees.
• After you install boat carpet use little to no soap full article on boat carpet replacement here.

Product Details
Product Dimensions:
113 x 47 x 16.5 inches ; 28 pounds

Shipping Weight: 30 pounds

Product Features

SeaHawk 300 3 Person Boat

Payload capacity - 627 lbs

Rugged SUPER-TOUGHTM high-molecular vinyl construction

3 Air chambers including on auxiliary air chamber in hull for extra buoyancy

Boston valve on main hull chamber for quick fell, fast deflate

Product Description

Product DescriptionSEAHAWK 300 BOAT ONLY · 3 Air chambers including on auxiliary air chamber in hull for extra buoyancy. · Boston valve on main hull chamber for quick fell, fast deflate. · Rugged Super Touch vinyl construction. · All around grab line. · Inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity. · 2 fishing rod holders. · 1 gear pouch. · 1 battery pouch. · Grab handle on bow · Welded oar locks. · Oars holders. · Motor Mont fittings. · U.S. Coast Guard I.D. · RWTUV approved · Repair patch. No refunds/returns on opened box item, 30 days warranty replacement only.
You can read reviews on this Seahawk 300-3 Person Boat here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Home Decorator - decorating your home with area rugs.

Are you the home decorator? Decorating your home using area rugs is one of the easiest ways to change the look of a room. An area rug can add the wow factor that you’ve been looking for in your room for a discount and without leaving your home because you can buy online! The amount of area rugs available can be overwhelming but by looking at the styles, colors and textures you already use in your home you can pick the most unique rug for your décor.Use your home decorator sense with your personal decorating style to help choose an area rug. What style you use to decorate your home with will be a big help in choosing an area rug. A contemporary rug will stand out, and not in a good way, in a rustic home. Look around your home and see what style you use to decorate your full article on Decorating your home using area rugs .

Home Decorator Featured Product

Welcome guests in style with this bench. Provide your visitors with a place to sit and remove their shoes. This piece also features storage for 16 pairs.This entry way furniture will stand the test of time. This bench features carved detailing and recessed panels. It is constructed of hardwood veneer for durability. Buy today.The golden cherry finish has red specks throughout as part of the design. The French walnut has brown specks and small nicks throughout the finish.

To purchase this functional bench for your home click the image below...

Image Credits:Roomscene image courtesy of midtowncrossing-flickr

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Feb. 23, 2009-Proper Floor Cleaning Products

Marty McCall's How To: Monday's
This weeks tips are about using the proper
cleaning products for your particular flooring.
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This week I want to let everyone know that when you purchase a floor product whether it's carpet, laminate, hardwood, or any other flooring the manufacturers suggest a certain cleaning method.

Inform yourself about your particular flooring and what cleaning products and methods the manufacturer suggests. Some products can void the warranty of flooring if cleaned incorrectly.

Your salesperson should have all the information available for you on your flooring purchase and can give you guidance on what to use and how to use it properly.

In addition, some flooring manufacturers require a proper maintenance cleaning. For instance this can be an annual professional cleaning for carpet. It could include vaccuming a couple of times a week. Each flooring is unique and made from unique resources and maintenance and cleaning is individual to each and every product.

I appreciate your business, Marty McCall.

Floor Cleaning Featured Product

Hoover® Commercial Bagless HEPA Twin Chamber Vacuum Long life HEPA filtration contains
allergens and dust, for highly efficient cleaning and includes a washable final filter. Features a powerful 7.7 amp motor, multi-speed power solution, 35'L power cord 15"W sweep path and 2 brush agitator with edge cleaning for fast, effective vacuuming. Includes 5-piece onboard tool set and non-marking furniture guard bumper. 1 year warranty.
To Purchase this Hoover Commercial Bagless Hepa Vacuum
click image below:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Staircase Design- How to decorate a staircase.

Staircase Design – How to decorate a staircase
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Staircase design can be tricky since staircases come in all sizes, shapes and styles. From grand spiral staircases to outdoor steps the staircase is where design makes the impression.

This magnificent staircase is clothed in a red carpet runner that leads you up and all the way to the top where architectural design grabs your attention. The carpet runner is not only practical to keep you from slipping or to save wear and tear on the steps from traffic but it guides you up the stairs and gives a pop of color to the space.

Sometimes staircase design is not about what is on the actual step but what is framing the staircase such as this architectural design on the side rails. With beautiful detail like this railing you don’t need any further flooring to create a design on the staircase itself as it would detract from the beauty of the craftsmanship. This detail is what you want to draw the eye to.

There’s a casual but warm feeling to old concrete steps that have weathered with the times. Outdoor steps that have withstood the elements deserve respect and recognition. Flowers in pots lined up and down the steps are a great compliment in this case with the same earthy touch as the concrete is in this outdoor staircase design. They integrate together quite well and have the time honored respect they are due.

When decorating your home don’t forget the staircase inside and outdoors.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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The big day is here. Head over to McCalls for our first ever, BuyOne/GetOne Free sale. Buy one item at regular price get another item just like it for free. ex. Buy one sq.ft. carpet at regular price get one sq.ft. carpet free.

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Also area rugs are on sale online StoreWide.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Feb.16, 2009- How To Save $ On Flooring In This Economy

Marty McCall's How To: Monday's
This weeks tips are about how to save money
on flooring in this economy.

1. Carpet is an investment. If you have to cut back expenses, don't cut back on pad. Your padding protects your carpet. Pads come in all types of thicknesses and treatments. Be sure to ask your sales representative about Kid and Pet friendly padding for your home. It could save you lots of $$$ in the long run. Protect your investment.

2. Clean up spills as soon as they happen. Sometimes they have a chance to set in and you can't ever get them out. Then you have to invest in new flooring. So maintenance is a huge money saver.

3. Buy when it's time to buy take advantage of the sales. McCalls is having a huge sale online on area rugs. You can buy area rugs at We are also having a huge sale in store, just follow the blue button for full details. (No Longer Applies)
I appreciate your business, Marty McCall .
You can catch Frugal Cleaning Tips at The Frugal Home. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are very popular in home décor right now but have you ever wondered why you should buy hardwood floors for your home? There are many reasons that hardwood floors make a good investment from the durability of the floors to their long term affordability.

Style and design

Hardwood floors go with virtually any decorating style from contemporary to casual. The variety of woods, colors and grains can fit in with almost all home styles. Hardwood flooring has come a long way and you can now customize your wood floors to your unique tastes. Customization can take place in a variety of ways such as through the use of borders, medallions or even painting on the hardwood floor!

A hand-distressed floor is another popular style choice that does cost more than normal hardwood floors Read Hardwood Floors full article...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday Feb. 9, 2009 How To-Prepare for flooring installation.

Marty McCall's HOW TO: MONDAYS
Tips for this week are about
preparing for flooring installation.
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1. Your flooring product may need to acclimate to the area it is being installed in. If so, it will need to be in the area at a comfortable temperature, cool or warm, for 24-48 hours. Check with your salesperson and see if your product needs to be acclimated. If so, have your flooring delivered to the area of installation a day or two before and turn up the thermostat.

2. Remove any fragile keepsakes or breakables of any kind before the installer arrives. Do not leave it up to them to protect your valuable decor or trinkets. Installers will be banging and clanging things around and can even knock pictures off the walls. Be safe, remove them for the day of installation.
3. Re-confirm your appointment time with your salesperson and/or installer. Sometimes wires get crossed and we don't write down the time or day the same. So that you don't tear your house apart needlessly be sure to reconfirm your appointment a day or two ahead of schedule.

Find and click the blue sale button on our website and get more details on our upcoming
BoGo Clearance Sale Feb. 19, 20, and 21

I appreciate your business, Marty McCall.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

How To Mondays

"New! How To: posts will be added each Monday to give you How To: information on everything flooring. How To: subjects on everything from purchasing to maintenance and decorating with flooring." Check back each Monday.

Learn how to save on discount area rugs at McCall's Floormart.

How To Do CPR

Monday, February 2, 2009

McCall's Bridal Registry

New Bridal Registry

Register your wedding here...New! McCall's Bridal Registry Add Area Rugs by McCall's to your wish list.Browse thousands of rugs. Send family and friends to us.Then kick back after the honeymoon and enjoy your new Area Rug.

Where can you register to get that great rug you wanted for your new home together? The best place for price,selection, and a name you can trust is AreaRugs by McCall's at

If you can't decide how to decorate your new home then read our decorating and planning articles here.

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