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Friday, February 20, 2009

Staircase Design- How to decorate a staircase.

Staircase Design – How to decorate a staircase
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Staircase design can be tricky since staircases come in all sizes, shapes and styles. From grand spiral staircases to outdoor steps the staircase is where design makes the impression.

This magnificent staircase is clothed in a red carpet runner that leads you up and all the way to the top where architectural design grabs your attention. The carpet runner is not only practical to keep you from slipping or to save wear and tear on the steps from traffic but it guides you up the stairs and gives a pop of color to the space.

Sometimes staircase design is not about what is on the actual step but what is framing the staircase such as this architectural design on the side rails. With beautiful detail like this railing you don’t need any further flooring to create a design on the staircase itself as it would detract from the beauty of the craftsmanship. This detail is what you want to draw the eye to.

There’s a casual but warm feeling to old concrete steps that have weathered with the times. Outdoor steps that have withstood the elements deserve respect and recognition. Flowers in pots lined up and down the steps are a great compliment in this case with the same earthy touch as the concrete is in this outdoor staircase design. They integrate together quite well and have the time honored respect they are due.

When decorating your home don’t forget the staircase inside and outdoors.

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