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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday Feb. 9, 2009 How To-Prepare for flooring installation.

Marty McCall's HOW TO: MONDAYS
Tips for this week are about
preparing for flooring installation.
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1. Your flooring product may need to acclimate to the area it is being installed in. If so, it will need to be in the area at a comfortable temperature, cool or warm, for 24-48 hours. Check with your salesperson and see if your product needs to be acclimated. If so, have your flooring delivered to the area of installation a day or two before and turn up the thermostat.

2. Remove any fragile keepsakes or breakables of any kind before the installer arrives. Do not leave it up to them to protect your valuable decor or trinkets. Installers will be banging and clanging things around and can even knock pictures off the walls. Be safe, remove them for the day of installation.
3. Re-confirm your appointment time with your salesperson and/or installer. Sometimes wires get crossed and we don't write down the time or day the same. So that you don't tear your house apart needlessly be sure to reconfirm your appointment a day or two ahead of schedule.

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