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Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Feb. 23, 2009-Proper Floor Cleaning Products

Marty McCall's How To: Monday's
This weeks tips are about using the proper
cleaning products for your particular flooring.
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This week I want to let everyone know that when you purchase a floor product whether it's carpet, laminate, hardwood, or any other flooring the manufacturers suggest a certain cleaning method.

Inform yourself about your particular flooring and what cleaning products and methods the manufacturer suggests. Some products can void the warranty of flooring if cleaned incorrectly.

Your salesperson should have all the information available for you on your flooring purchase and can give you guidance on what to use and how to use it properly.

In addition, some flooring manufacturers require a proper maintenance cleaning. For instance this can be an annual professional cleaning for carpet. It could include vaccuming a couple of times a week. Each flooring is unique and made from unique resources and maintenance and cleaning is individual to each and every product.

I appreciate your business, Marty McCall.

Floor Cleaning Featured Product

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