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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Decorative Pillows and Throws-Showcasing Koko Company

Today I want to Showcase a very modern and hip company that manufacturers decorative pillows and throws and bedding.

Koko Company is based out of Long Island, NY.  Now we sell these on our site so yes this is a plug but we just felt their products deserved a little shout out! 

The decorative pillows and throws market has absolutely gone mad.
Silk Throws

 In addition to Koko Company, Etsy sells them, Posh Pelts sell them, and of course McCall's Floormart sells pillows and throws.

Ecco Cotton Print and Embroidered Pillow 91765 They are sold with the stuffing or as pillow covers. Prices can range in the 20's up to as much as 2-$300.

Souk Wool Embroidery on Cotton Pillow 91506
The fabric, needlework, and overall quality set the price on decorative pillows and throws.

Koko Company pillows and throws are a mix of vibrant fun colors. This can add the pop of pizazz and contrast you are looking for to wake a space up. They are made with Silk and some items are reversible. The prices for the products you see here run anywhere from $88 -$130.

Click on any of the pillows to see more information.

Kaleidoscope Cotton Poly Silk Pillow 91074 Next time you're looking for a quick pick me when decorating a living room or bedroom, take a look at Koko Company.

Koko Company bedding separates create a beautiful range of color and design.

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Anonymous said...

Great use of color in these pillows. This is a great way to dress up a neutral sofa or bed cover.

Thanks for visiting my blog a few weeks ago! We met thru LinkedIn The Blog Zone!

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