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Friday, February 4, 2011

Pets At Home

Image by:katie
Betta's Home
A Peek Into Pets At Home And How They Live
This post was very revealing.  An amazing look at how animals live and the way we treat them.

Just like in society, some live like kings and queens and others are making do with what they have.

You can see the personality, creativity, and individualism in their surroundings. Sometimes due to our own efforts but as you can see some of it by their own design.

These images depict pets at home. THIER homes. Just as in our lives, the animal and pet kingdom use design and function as well.

Enjoy this eccentric, unusual, and heart warming mini tour of Pets At Home.

Dog House
                                           Image by:christopher macsurak
conjunto residencial para aves

cat hangout house
                                         Image by:chatblancl

chickens like sunshine
                                                               Image by:fishermansdaughter

ClicPhoto Studio |
                                               Image by:clicphoto
Common Starling
                                              Image by:foxypar4


McCall's Floormart has unique pet accessories to compliment modern decor.

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Anonymous said...

My brother in law makes dog houses. i'll have to show him these and see if he can get some ideas.

nice site.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know McCall's had pet accessories too!! Love it! You can get almost anything there!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea for a chicken coop.Virtually no smell!

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