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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sell You Home Fast - Staging Your Home For Buyers

Staging your home for buyers is important if you want to sell your home faster. You have to look at it like it's already no longer your own.

Imagine, if you were to walk into your home as a potential buyer there are a few things you wouldn't want to see.                                                                    
my formerly cluttered desk
Image by:evelyngiggles
Clutter on the floor, in the closet, on the tables. Get organized, get rid of it. We get used to, and even immune, to seeing clutter in our own homes and tend to ignore it. Potential buyers will rest their eye on the clutter and not be able to see beyond it.

Disrepair. If any of your home improvements are left unfinished, finish them!
Complete the painting on the wall in the mudroom. Fix the leaky faucet in the kitchen.
Tighten the door knob to the bathroom.
Get the crayon off the wall in the kids room.
Buyers see this as irresponsible and will perceive it as a home with hidden issues.
spice lineup
Image by:evelyngiggles
Personal items of the homeowner. The new buyer needs visual space to imagine their own family pictures on the wall or their own clothes in a closet. You do however, need to make it feel warm and comfortable.

Strike a balance here by adding accessories that welcome visitors without making a personal statement.

Pack out of season clothes away and let the buyers imagine their wardrobe fitting into the closets and storage areas.

after-back bed room

                                                                    Image by:nolaclutterbusters
500 Landsdale - Sherwood Forest

                                                                     Images by:brad.coy
500 Landsdale - Sherwood Forest

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