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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Key Elements When Purchasing an Area Rug

Choose Wisely
It's important to know the key decision points for any rug purchase.

Color: Light-colored area rugs make a room seem airy, while darker styles create an intimate feeling.
Know what your trying to achieve before you buy. Decide what feel you're trying to accomplish.

Pattern: If you are looking to create a focal point, opt for bold colors and ornate designs. Conversely, if a rug's purpose is to quietly compliment existing decor, a solid color or subtle pattern works best. Consider a surprise element such as a bold black and white area rug or animal print pattern in a casual room with a soft pallette.

Durability: In a room with heavy traffic, a solid, dark rug works best to disguise wear and tear. For an heirloom rug that will survive generations, invest in a rug that is made with a sturdy construction. Shop wisely. Sometimes dark colors without much pattern will show soil more.

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